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Practice Gala Results

Please click the link below to view the results and times of each race from the Swimming Gala last night:


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District Swimming Gala Results - December 2014

Senior Boys

1st - Broxbourne

2nd - Richard Hale


Senior Girls

1st - Broxbourne

2nd - Presdales

3rd - John Warner

4th - Chauncy


Year 9/10 Boys

1st - Richard Hale

2nd - Broxbourne

3rd - Chauncy

4th - John Warner


Year 9/10 Girls

1st - Broxbourne

2nd - Presdales

3rd - John Warner

4th - Chauncy


Year 7/8 Boys

1st - Sheredes

2nd - Richard Hale

3rd - Broxbourne

4th - John Warner

5th - Cheshunt

6th - Chauncy


Year 7/8 Girls

1st - Presdales

2nd - Broxbourne

3rd - Chauncy

4th - John Warner

5th - Cheshunt


For details of individual performances click here

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County Swimming Update

Please click on the links below for full details of results and performances from the recent District Swimming Gala:

Year 7 & 8 Results October 2014

Year 9 & 10 Results October 2014

Senior Results October 2014


Friday 8th February   -  Woodside Leisure Centre, Watford.
Herts County is divided into 6 areas – North, Mid, Dacorum, St Albans, East, Watford.

The County Gala was again combined with the Herts School Games. HSG gave every competitor a ‘T’ shirt and swim hat in their district colour and presented  medals for first, second and third places.


John Warner –       Phoebe Spicer, Emily South
Edwinstree -           Carly Bays
Presdales -             Amber Shine, Olivia Pawson, Sophie Thomson, Hayley Warrington, Kate McQuaid,
                                  Ashley Ransome,
Broxbourne -          Amy Godsave, Kaitlyn walsh, Rebecca Freestone
Sele -                       Ella Bartram
Herts and Essex –  Amy Young, Amber Cardwell, Georgina Pryor, Jessica Wacey
Bishops Stortford College – Charlotte Longden
Simon Balle -           Bethany Baxter, Sophie Rawlinson

 Performances of note from East Girls are:-
Carly Bays – 1st Junior Individual Medley
Amy Young – 1st Junior Butterfly
Amy Godsave – 1st and New record – Junior Freestyle
Junior Medley Relay – 1st-Amber Cardwell, Carly Bays, Amy Young, Amy Godsave
Junior Freestyle Relay – 1st-Olivia Pawson, Amber Shine, Emily South, Phoebe Spicer
Georgina Pryor – 2nd and New Record  - Intermediate Individual Medley,
                                1st and New Record – Intermediate Butterfly
Intermediate Medley Relay – 1st - Bethany Baxter, Kate McQuaid, Georgina Pryor, Sophie Thomson
Charlotte Longden – 1st Senior Freestyle
Senior Medley Relay – 2nd and New Record  -  Charlotte Longden, Ashley Ransome, Jessica Wacey,
                                                                                    Hayley Warrington

Overall – Junior Team – 1st
                 Intermediate Team – 1st
                 Senior Team – 2nd

Full results can be seen on www.hertsssa.org.uk. Secondary Schools Inter District Championships.

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East Herts Girls Team for County Swimming Gala - Friday 8th February

Congratulations to the folowing Girls who have been selected to represent the East Herts District in the County Secondary Schools Swimming Gala to be held at Woodside Leisure Centre Pool, Horseshoe Lane, Watford, WD25 7HH on Friday 8th February 2013 – 6.30/7.00pm – 9.30pm.

Could you please be on poolside under the ‘EAST’ sign by 6.20 ready for the warm-up?

If you are ill on the day of the gala or are unable to swim for any reason, could you please email the address below ASAP so a reserve can be informed?

The gala is being linked with the Herts Youth Games.


Back – Olivia Pawson – Presdales
Breast – Carly Bays – Edwinstree
Fly – Amy Young – Herts &Essex
F/S – Amy Godsave – Broxbourne
I/M – Carly Bays - Edwinstree
Relays – Amy Young – H&E
                Carly Bays – Edwinstree
                Olivia Pawson – Presdales
                Amy Godsave – Broxbourne
                Amber Shine – Presdales
                Amber Cardwell – H&E
                Emily South – John Warner
                Phoebe Spicer – John Warner

Back – Bethany Baxter – Simon Balle
Breast – Kate McQuaid – Presdales
Fly – Georgina Pryor – Herts and Essex
F/S – Sophie Thomson - Presdales
I/M – Georgina Pryor – H&E
Relays – Bethany Baxter – SB
                Kate McQuaid – P
                Sophie Rawlinson – SB
                Georgina Pryor – H&E
                Sophie Thomson – P
                Kaitlyn Walsh – Broxbourne
                Rebecca Freestone – Broxbourne
                Ella Bartram – Sele


Back – Charlotte Longden – Bish St Coll                                      Relays – Ashley Ransome – P (2 relays)
Breast – Christie Bays –  FC                                                            Christie Bays – FC 
Fly – Jessica Wacey – H&E                                                             Charlotte Longden - BSC  (2 relays)    
F/S – Hayley Warrington - P                                                          Jessica Wacey  - H&E
I/M – Hayley Warrington – P                                                        Hayley Warrington - P


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Swimming Gala League Dates Released

The District Galas will be held at John Warner School on

Monday 22nd October

Monday 17 December

Monday 11th February

Monday 25th March

All Galas start at 4pm.

Please Click Here for a Race Order for All Galas

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County Secondary Schools Inter-Division Gala - Feb 3rd 2012 Updated Team

Please Click Here for the County Gala Report 2012

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District Swimming League Records

Highlighting the outstanding performances in this year's inaugural League, take a look at the District Records by Clicking Here

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