Sportshall Athletics » Sportshall Athletics Roll of Honour

Year Year 7 Boys Year 8 Boys Year 7 Girls Year 8 Girls
2000 Cheshunt Sheredes Sheredes Presdales 
2001 Cheshunt Cheshunt Turnford Presdales
2002 Sheredes Sheredes Turnford Cheshunt
2003 Cheshunt Cheshunt Sheredes Presdales
2004 Cheshunt Cheshunt Turnford Presdales
2005 Cheshunt Cheshunt Sheredes Broxbourne
2006 Cheshunt Cheshunt Cheshunt Presdales
2007 Sheredes Cheshunt Broxbourne Cheshunt
2008 Cheshunt Cheshunt Presdales Broxbourne
2009 Cheshunt Sheredes Presdales Presdales
2010 Cheshunt Cheshunt Simon Balle Presdales
2011 Cheshunt Cheshunt  John Warner  Presdales 
2012 Cheshunt Cheshunt  Presdales  John Warner 
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