Mob Race Results 2012

The Annual District Mob Race at Cheshunt School was held on Tuesday 25th September at Cheshunt School.

The Results of the Individual and Team Championships are below.

Girls (Team) Boys (Team)
1st - Presdales (21pts) 1st - RHS (14pts)
2nd - JWS (31pts) 2nd - Turnford (71pts)
3rd - Chauncy (57pts) 3rd - JWS (84pts)


Girls (Individual) Boys (Individual)
1st - Esthe Mason (JWS) 1st - Jake Stangroom (RHS)
2nd - Liberty Neave (Presdales) 2nd - Morris Kangben (Cha)
3rd - Lauren Cann (Turnford) 3rd - Oliver Skipp (RHS)