Information for Team Managers

Please find below Information on how the Competition runs...


  • Scoring for all events will be 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (including matches with 5 teams)
  • Age groups and genders are run as 4 separate competitions
  • The 4 teams in each competition with the highest points after their 2 matches will qualify for the Final
  • Athletes may enter a maximum of 1 track/2field or 2 track/1field events - relays count as a track event

  • The programme is designed to avoid any track/field clashes - any athlete in 2 field events should report to both, complete 1 and then return - judges will keep events open until all athletes have completed their attempts
  • In matches involving 2 heats, places will be decided by time trials - please ensure your athletes are aware of this
  • In the Obstacle relay time penalties will be added to a teams overall time if sections are not completed correctly i.e  1sec for each highstepper wedge missed; 1sec for every speedbounce less than 10; 5 secs if a forward roll is before previous athlete has touched the hip - there will be judges at each component to hopefully keep penalties to a minimum, but please inform your athletes of this
  • Athletes will have 3 trials in SLJ and VJ; 2 trials in STJ and Shot; and 1 trial of 30 secs in speedbounce
  • Team managers must ensure that only athletes competing in a field event are inside the track
  • Team managers must also send their runners to the track when it is their turn to compete - Events will not be 'called up' - refer to ‘Order of Events'
  • Declaration sheets must be handed in to the scorers immediately upon arriving
  • Provisional results will be ready immediately after the final event - checked results will be posted on the LVSSA website (