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District Cross Country Championships 7th March 2014

Please click on the links below for recent Cross Country Results:

Boys Autumn 2014

Girls Autumn 2014

The 2014Championships will take place around the Barclay Park Course in Hoddesdon on Friday 7th March, starting from 2pm

DXCC Entry Form 2014 to be returned to Helen Easter at The Chancy Schoolby 27th February

Please note the start times for each race.

AGE GROUPS AND RACE ORDER                                                               


SENIOR   (Yrs.12/13) & INTER BOYS (Yrs. 10/11)   

and   OPEN GIRLS  (Yrs 10 and above).                                           







Please include your best yr 8 and yr 10 runners in the Junior and Inter age groups because they are eligible for individual awards. Don’t forget to mark an * against their names on the results envelope.


Notes for Staff

  1. The Races will start on time. Please be prompt and on site for the 2pm official start, to collect envelopes and allow all runners to warm up.
  2. All courses are suitable for spikes. Course Distances for individual races can be obtained from Sheredes PE Dept prior to the Championships.
  3. All current Team Champions should return the trophies to Helen Easter (XC Secretary) by 2pm on Friday 7th February.
  4. First 4 runners home score for the ‘A’ team, next 4 score for the ‘B’ team etc.

Final Individual XC Standings 2013

Minor Girls District Champion E Godsave (Brox)
2nd I Raphael (Pres)
3rd K Egerton (Pres)
Minor Boys District Champion S Weatherall (Chauncy)
2nd R Davis (Brox)
3rd L Keneddy (RHS)
Year 9 Girls District Champion L Miller (Brox)
2nd P Spicer (JWS)
3rd T Burley (JWS)
Year 8 Girls District Champion G Neville (Brox)
2nd L Rowedder (Pres)
3rd E Masin (JWS)
Year 9 Boys District Champion T Bolton (Brox)
2nd J Longman (JWS)
3rd J Cox (JWS)
Year 8 Boys District Champion J Stangroom (RHS)
2nd G West (RHS)
3rd D Bolden (Brox)
Year 11 Boys District Champion A Hale (RHS)
2nd A Boorne (RHS)
3rd A Franklin (JWS)
Year 10 Boys District Champion B Grover (Chauncy)
2nd B Boorne (RHS)
3rd A Franklin (JWS)
Year 10 Girls District Champion L Fitzsimmons (Pres)
2nd C Quant (Brox)
3rd E Smart (Sheredes)
Senior Girls District Champion M Gough (Pres)
2nd F Stansall-Seilor (Pres)
3rd S Davidson (Pres)
Senior Boys District Champion C Price (Sheredes)
2nd C Poppy (RHS)
3rd H Spicer (JWS)


Final XC League Standings 2013

Minor Boys R1 R2 R3 Total Junior Boys R1 R2 R3 Total
 RHS  24  18  30 72  RHS   16  20  21  57
Broxbourne 32 70  56 158  JWS  41  51  36 128 
JWS 59 70  38 167 Sheredes 54  98  64  216
 Sheredes  76  97      Broxbourne   nc  55    
 SBS   ic  110              
JWS 68 60              


Minor Girls R1 R2 R3 Total Junior Girls R1 R2 R3 Total
 Presdales  19  21   24 64   Presdales   23  30    
 Broxbourne  28  25  20  73  Broxbourne   36  18    
JWS 57 92 33 182          
 SBS  ic  68     JWS  44  43    
 Sheredes   na  80      Sheredes  90  103    
           SBS   ic  68    


Inter Boys R1 R2 R3 Total Senior Boys R1 R2 R3 Total
 RHS   16  18  25  59 Sheredes 23 24 18  65
JWS  69  69  66  169 JWS 20 26 27  73


OpenGirls  R1 R2 R3 Total
 Presdales   10  12 12   34

XC League 2013 Dates and Venues

The dates and venues for the LVSSA Cross Country League are as follows

Race 1 - Wednesday 2nd October at Barclay Park, Hoddesdon

Race 2 - Tuesday 8th October at The Broxbourne School

Race 3 - Tuesday 15th October at Barclay Park, Hoddesdon

All results will be available on the website at the end of each race.

Please Click Here for an Entry Form, these should be emailed to by WEDNESDAY 25th SEPTEMBER

XC League Final Results 2012

Please Click on the Links below for the Boys and Girls Results from Race 1.


Girls - Race 1                               Girls - Race 2

Boys - Race 1                               Boys - Race 2

Overall Results After Race 3

Mob Race Results 2012

The Annual District Mob Race at Cheshunt School was held on Tuesday 25th September at Cheshunt School.

The Results of the Individual and Team Championships are below.

Girls (Team) Boys (Team)
1st - Presdales (21pts) 1st - RHS (14pts)
2nd - JWS (31pts) 2nd - Turnford (71pts)
3rd - Chauncy (57pts) 3rd - JWS (84pts)


Girls (Individual) Boys (Individual)
1st - Esthe Mason (JWS) 1st - Jake Stangroom (RHS)
2nd - Liberty Neave (Presdales) 2nd - Morris Kangben (Cha)
3rd - Lauren Cann (Turnford) 3rd - Oliver Skipp (RHS)
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