Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for all Schools

As members of the Lea Valley Schools' Sports Association, we acknowledge our professional responsibilities in promoting correct sporting behaviour and attitudes for our school.


As Teachers we will:

  • Teach our pupils to play by the rules and value their performances, not the results.
  • Show respect for opponents, officials and their decisions
  • Not tolerate violent play and cheating
  • Promote good sporting behaviour within the spirit of the game
  • Act in a profeesional manner at all times

Our Pupils will:

  • Play by the Rules
  • Accept every decision made by the officials
  • Accept victory and defeat equally with good grace

Our Parents, Spectators and AOTTs will:

  • Respect the officials and their decisions
  • Remember that young people play sport for their own enjoyment
  • Encourage all players in a positive manner


This Code of Conduct has been agreed by ALL schools and every Head of PE - New and Old - has signed up to the code.